After 1959 when Castro took over Cuba, many Cubans fled the land looking for freedom. Most of the Cubans immigrated to Miami and then were relocated to other states, including California. The Cuban colony in Southern California grew substantially, especially in the Los Angeles County.


            In one of the cities of L.A. County, Temple City, lived a friendly and patriotic family, the Recaños. The family volunteered their time and home for socializing, playing dominos, music, and most of all they created a place where most of the Cuban families felt comfortable and started creating memories of their new homeland. From these weekly reunions came the idea to create a Cuban social club and on February 5, 1972 in his house, the Club was established. On that day, 19 founders established the Board of Directors, naming Jose Luis Recaño the 1st president of the Club. As the membership grew, we felt the necessity of acquiring a Clubhouse. That same year, we leased with option to buy, a location for our Clubhouse in the city of El Monte, which we officially named Club Cubano del Valle San Gabriel, and a patriotic logo was created.


            In 1974, the members of the Club with a lot of dedication and hard work were able to save the amount required for the down payment to finalize the purchase of the Club. Once they became the owners of the property, they also became a non-profit organization.


            The Club has been established for 47 years, following the motto of our founders, “Our goal is to create among our members cultural, sports, and recreational activities.”

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